Sinking Creek Soaps

Gift Set (Calming Lavender)

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Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Just Because..... . All great reasons to grab one of our fabulous gift baskets.  This basket is made up of products that feature calming lavender scents and essential oils. 

It includes:

1. Large Lavender Goat Milk Soap

Goat Milk Soap:  Clean and moisturize your skin with our farm fresh goat milk soap that includes plant based oils and butters.  Fragranced with all natural Lavender essential oil provides perfectly soothing lather.

2. Lavender/Sage Soy Candle

Soy Candles:  Light one of our long burning soy candles, and enjoy the fragrance and glow!

3. Lavender Sugar Scrub

 Sugar Scrub:  Massage our sugar scrub into wet hands, feet, elbows, or, all over.  Rinse and pat dry for smooth, soft, fragrant skin.  

4.  Lavender Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs:  Add a bath bomb to your warm tub and it will react with effervescent bubbles as it releases moisturizing oils and butters throughout your bath.  Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.

5. Dead Sea Salts

Sea Salts: Dead Sea Salts are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromide. These salts are a great addition to your bath along side one of our fragrant bath bombs. Pour entire pack into a warm running bath for a relaxing, detoxifying soak.  Great for skin and sore muscles too!

6. Natural Bristle Brush

7. Lavender/Sage Room Spray


All of these items are arranged into one or our market boxes and shrink wrapped.  It can be mailed to you or sent directly to your recipient.  We’ll even add a personal note from you if you like.  Just leave it for us in the comments when you check out.